It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World {Friday Photo}

Number One has recruited Number Five to assist with her science fair project.
With all his experiments in blending and otherwise manipulating the selections on his high chair tray, data subsets tallied on the contents of any and all lower cabinets, comparing and contrasting food and non-food items with the dog, and dissecting the trash, I'd say the role of mad scientist suits him.


TGIF.....I think? {Friday photo}

Great news!  At the library today, I found some fantastic books to read this weekend.
That is, AFTER some of us finish FOUR baseball/softball practices, volunteer for one 5K at the crack of dawn, build a to-scale replica of Chateau de Chenonceau, work on a science fair project, attend church and one confirmation class, and head to a play on Sunday afternoon.   TGIF, anyone? 

UPDATE:  all I had to do was prop Biography of Pi up on my kitchen shelf.  Someone noticed it and devoured every page before bedtime tonight. Who knew pi was mentioned not once, but twice, in the Bible?